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North Country Chamber of Commerce
Supply Chain Development
NAmTrans is committed to growing our local supply-chain and offers a number of support services for the existing vendor community, including employee recruitment and training, sourcing, and expansion of services and products offered.

Working closely with current cluster companies and the Global Supply Chain Management Programs at Clarkson University and SUNY Plattsburgh, NAmTrans works to identify current and anticipated vendor gaps and helps recruit needed vendors and services.

Clarkson University – Global Supply Chain Management
SUNY Plattsburgh – Global Supply Chain Management
Featured Products
Products from platform partners appearing at events across the globe
Sea, Air & Space 2023
Boeing's 777X | The GE9X Engine, Wings and Fuselage
Boeing Company
After years of design and testing, it's almost time for the #777X to fly! Take a look at what defines the 777X.What's Boeing's latest innovation?
Sea, Air & Space 2023
Taxi Lights
Patriot Taxiway Industries
Features & benefits Increased beam spread and intensity compared with traditional bulbs and other LED options Low power consumption and lightweight design reduce energy and fuel costs Engineered to produce clear subject contrast, improving visibility of runways Rugged design and impact-resistant lens Integrated thermal protection and LED temperature regulation for additional safety
Sea, Air & Space 2023
First Responders
TrellisWare Technologies
When disaster strikes or during major public events, a large number of end devices can easily congest or cause systems to fail. TSM™ provides essential communications to authorities such as police, firefighters, paramedics, coordinators, or rescuers. With TSM, you can deploy a MANET at a moment's notice, requiring no infrastructure, no cell towers, no access point or gateways, and no command center.
Sea, Air & Space 2023
Configurable Armament/AME Repair Depot (CARD)
Marvin Group
A horizontal sustainment solution and concept, the Configurable Armament/AME Repair Depot (CARD) has been initially designed to support I-Level "plus" maintenance and sustainment of aircraft armament systems in a mobile, deployable footprint but is adaptable for other uses.
Sea, Air & Space 2023
Thinklogical TLX 10G Low Latency KVM
Thinklogical, A Belden Brand
Simplify management of high resolution video with TLX from Thinklogical. TLX delivers pixel-for-pixel extension of high resolution video up to and switching ...
Sea, Air & Space 2023
Booth: 3437
Dual USB Output DC/DC Power Adapter
Lind Electronics, LLC
The Lind Dual USB Output DC/DC adapter allows you to charge your low-power devices via USB using one of three different input cable options: a NatO Slave input cable; an input cable with a BA-5590 or BB-2590 military battery connector; or a cigarette lighter input cable. The Dual USB Output DC/DC adapter provides a regulated DC output for charging mobile phones, Mp3 players, digital cameras, and other mobile devices using a USB power connection.
Sea, Air & Space 2023
Patriot Taxiway Presidential "E" Award Winner
The President's "E" Awards Patriot Taxiway Industries are honored to receive the Presidents "E" Award for international export 2020, the reward highlights our efforts in supporting our international customers by supplying our world class external and internal LED aircraft lighting.
09 Jul · Patriot Taxiway Industries
Sea, Air & Space 2023
Formation Lights
Patriot Taxiway Industries
Patriot Taxiway Visible / Covert LED aircraft formation lights allow pilots to spot the position and attitude of other aircraft during military formation flights. The Visible and Infra-Red (Covert) Formation lights have been designed and proven for harsh environments.
Sea, Air & Space 2023
Interconnect Design Guide
Mission-Driven Interconnect Designs For Ground, Sea, Air, and Space Applications
Sea, Air & Space 2023
Patriot Taxiway Industries Flying High
Patriot Taxiway Industries
As the Crew Module Lighting supplier Patriot Taxiway Industries undertook the design, development, testing and supply the adjustable cabin lighting units for the Boeing CST-100 Starliner. The capsule was due to arrive at the space station about 24 hours after launch and dock with the research outpost in
Sea, Air & Space 2023
Boeing MQ-25 Becomes First Unmanned Aircraft to Refuel Another Aircraft
The MQ-25 T1 test asset has flown into the history books as the first unmanned aircraft to ever refuel another aircraft - piloted or autonomous - during flig...
04 Nov · Boeing Company
Sea, Air & Space 2023
DATASHEET GET NSP-7 In both land and maritime environments, gather actionable intelligence in all weather, day or night, from a turboprop-sized aircraft. HIGHLY CAPABLE MULTI-INT SAR/MTI RADAR The NSP-7 pod can be attached to an aircraft using MIL-Spec 14" lug mounts or via an adapter plate to the integral mounting points on the NSP-7 strongback rail.
Sea, Air & Space 2023
UV Research Support
Patriot Taxiway Industries supported Industry/Government discussions on the development, testing and use of UV lighting to address COVID19 mitigation with the safe use of UV lighting on Commercial airliners.
29 Jun · Patriot Taxiway Industries
Sea, Air & Space 2023
Patriot Taxiway Industries
SERVICES Patriot brings state of the art LED/IR airfield lighting solutions designed to operate in the military operations and commercial environments. Our lighting products are delivered on time and on budget, to meet our customers' needs. WHO WE WORK WITH The
Sea, Air & Space 2023
Company | TrellisWare Technologies, Inc.
TrellisWare Technologies
TrellisWare Technologies was founded by four innovators in the areas of signal processing and advanced communications. The co-founders spun-off the company from ViaSat in the year 2000 to pursue terrestrial applications of technology that combined foundations in signal processing innovation with the ability to productize these ideas for the real-world in the commercial sector.
Sea, Air & Space 2023
TrellisWare Technologies
TrellisWare's established TSM networking ecosystem, backed by the TSM Release 6 (TSM-6) waveform, provides interoperability, massive scalability, and robust networking when tactical communications demands it most. The infrastructure-less, non-routing Mobile Ad-hoc Network (MANET) of TSM-6 performs reliably in harsh RF environments such as subterranean tunnels, in-ship, or in and around urban buildings.
Sea, Air & Space 2023
TMG Brochure Rev 20190507 Web
Marvin Group
Sea, Air & Space 2023
Switchblade® 300 - Suicide Drone | Kamikaze Drone | AeroVironment, Inc.
AeroVironment's Kamikaze Switchblade drone is an advanced direct fire loitering missile system that acts as a suicide drone with high precision capabilities, and wave-off feature minimizing collateral damage in hostile environments.AeroVironment, Inc. is a leading manufacturer of Tactical Missile Systems used by the United States military
Sea, Air & Space 2023
DATASHEET GET NSP-3 Gather intelligence in all weather, day or night, from small footprint Unmanned Aircraft Systems in land and maritime environments. 7-LB. MULTI-INT SAR/MTI RADAR The NSP-3 is a multimode, low-Size, Weight, and Power ( SWaP) radar system housed in two pods with the antenna subsystem in one pod and the radar and processing electronics in the other.
Sea, Air & Space 2023
Medium UAS: T-20 Group 3 (Military Battlefield Drone)
AeroVironment's T-20 is runway independent with a portable catapult launching system. Features fully integrated payload pallets and as well as superior optics for multi-mission responses. Best in class endurance delivering 24+ hours of mission duration with an operational range of 185 km (115 mi).
Sea, Air & Space 2023
Thank you to everyone who visited our booth at AUVSI XPONENTIAL 2021!
Sea, Air & Space 2023
Mission-Driven Interconnect Designs
For Ground, Sea, Air, and Space Application
Sea, Air & Space 2023
Crysalis™ User Interface Walkthrough Video
AeroVironment's next-generation ground control solution streamlines command and control of compatible unmanned aircraft systems (UAS) and their payloads thro...
Sea, Air & Space 2023
Thinklogical | A BELDEN Brand News and Events
GET IN TOUCH HAVE A QUESTION?SPEAK LIVE WITH AN EXPERT. SPEAK WITH AN EXPERT A recent study from Idaho National Labs (INL) conducted as part of the Light Water Reactor Sustainability (LWRS) Program, sponsored by the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE), identifies practices and principles to support nuclear power plant Digital Instrumentation & Controls (DI&C) modernizations.
12 Jul · Thinklogical, A Belden Brand
Medical Gowns, Masks, Shoe Covers, Caps. Eyewear | Medegen
Medegen Medical Products
Medegen is a leading manufacturer of medical personal protection including gowns, masks, shoe covers, eyewear and caps. Serving medical facilities nationwide.
CWC Handler List
California Walnut Commission
ThermoAnalytics, Inc
TAITherm™ is a 3D thermal simulation software that predicts temperatures using transient or steady-state analysis. TAITherm thermal analysis software is as easy to use as it is powerful. It solves for solar and thermal radiation, convection, and conduction, including ever-changing environments. TAITherm removes the burden of complicated thermal simulations and ensures that your design will function optimally in real-world scenarios.
DOVE | Advanced Small Surface Robotic Systems | Hydronalix | United States
Hydronalix, Inc.
Rugged BB-2590 Battery Charger AC/DC
Lind Electronics, LLC
BB-2590 Battery Charger is designed to charge a single BB-2590 military battery, with or without the SMBUS. Power is supplied via an AC power cord plugged into an AC power supply.
Change Detection
Capella Space Corp.
Change Detection is a coveted SAR analytic due to the consistent illumination and geographic precision of SAR imaging. Precisely stacking and comparing successive images in time is a versatile analysis approach that reveals many types of large and small changes caused by construction, vehicle movements, changes in material stockpiles, and much more. In the past, change detection required expertise and specialized software for image acquisition, selection, and processing. With Capella’s Change Detection solution, users can easily monitor sites with compatible imagery and rapidly receive an analysis of identified changes.
Fisher M-Scope Accessories
Fisher Labs / Nivisys
Communication Systems
Aeromaritime Systembau GmbH
AEROMARITIME develops, designs and produces communications systems to meet specific customer requirements using the newest technologies for worldwide military naval applications.

Communications systems provide ultimate convenience for all tactical and administrative communication tasks, custom-made for naval vessels of any size – from submarine to destroyer.

The APCOS® 4000 central switching platform was developed to meet the latest requirements for a digital communications network. The associated control software COSYMA (Communication System Manager) provides sophisticated and comprehensive system control.
For telex and military email procedures, security is our highest priority: SAMMS (Secure Automatic Military Messaging System) stands for user-friendly, menu-driven ACP 127 message handling.
 Recognition systems such as the IFF Interrogator/Transponder System provide unambiguous results in the identification of foreign platforms.
In extreme conditions and confined spaces, AEROMARITIME Multifunction Submarine Antennas are installed on submarines
Ultrasound - Hosmed Inc is dedicated to "Enhancing lives"
Hosmed Inc.
Zynq board PCIe with FMC+ site (Xilinx SoC) * TECHWAY
ThermoAnalytics, Inc
CoTherm makes process automation simple. It is useful for running sensitivity studies, a design of experiments, or running multiple CAE models as part of a single process. This capability can streamline pre-processing, transient analysis and thermal analysis, or post-processing. With a CoTherm software license, we provide templates for common coupling or automation tasks.
Advanced Space
Neurosciences for International Patients
Penn Medicine
Penn Medicine Neurosciences provides comprehensive neurology and neurosurgery services for patients outside of the United States. Whether you are seeking initial diagnosis, treatment for a diagnosis, or a remote second opinion, our experienced staff is dedicated to meeting your health care needs. Our neuroscience program has experts in neurology, neurosurgery, neurodiagnostics, neuropsychology, neuro-ophthalmology and psychiatry.
Connexall Platform
Connexall is committed to the ongoing research and the development of innovative solutions that will help our customers deliver the highest quality of care.
Cetim at Singapore Air Show
Cetim - Technical Centre for Mechanical Industry
Get on board the aerospace engineering of the future
Get Real Health's Logo Explained
Get Real Health
Oregon's Global Trade Promotion Program
Business Oregon
Most export training and development activities are supported by the program, though specific programs of activity must be developed in consultation with a Global Trade Specialist. Examples of supported activities include: International tradeshows; International trade missions organized by the U.S.
Swiss Screw Machining
Sigma Engineered Solutions
Swiss machining delivers small, high-precision parts used in the manufacturing of critical components.

Using advanced CNC machines, we can create parts up to 0.812” in diameter with highly uniform dimensions and surface finishes.

Sigma Connectivity can provide you with miniature screws, contact pins for electronic components, micro-fasteners for medical applications, or other Swiss-type parts.
Bar & Block Forging
Mattco Forge Inc.
Forged with our open die forging process, individually forged blocks from Mattco Forge Inc. offer a number of advantages over rolled or extruded plate or bar. By further refining the grain structure through the forging process, forged bar offers better strength in all three dimensions, yielding greater impact and direction strength to the forged bar and your finished part.
Neonatal Rescue
ProShop Implementation Podcast: TNT Aerospace Episode 2
TNT Aerospace
Maxar Technologies
Maxar Technologies
Maxar is a trusted partner and innovator in Earth Intelligence and Space Infrastructure. We deliver disruptive value to government and commercial customers to help them monitor, understand and navigate our changing planet; deliver global broadband communications; and explore and advance the use of space.
Aerospace | Aviation Week Network
Aviation Week
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