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Lockheed Martin Medium Ad for Singapore Airshow 2024

Additive Manufacturing
ES3 has the technology to provide Additive Manufacturing products, commonly known as 3D printing elements. This is a process of creating a physical object from a digital design by building it layer by layer. It’s the opposite of subtractive manufacturing, where material is removed from a solid block to create an object. ES3 Additive Manufacturing can use various materials, including polymers, metals, and ceramics, and has applications ranging from prototyping to producing functional parts for industries like aerospace.
Featured Products
Products from platform partners appearing at events across the globe
Eurosatory 2024
Eagle Passive Active Warning Survivability System (EPAWSS) l BAE Systems
BAE Systems
The Eagle Passive Active Warning Survivability System provides the U.S. Air Force F-15 fleet with advanced electronic warfare technology to maximize mission ...
Eurosatory 2024
AM General Commercial Vehicle Manufacturing video
AM General
Eurosatory 2024
3D Mapping Software | Esri 3D GIS
esri Environmental Systems Research Institute
Esri's 3D mapping software allows you to create, analyze, visualize & share your work with others. Make maps with 3D apps and app builders. See how.
Eurosatory 2024
JUMP 20 Group 3 Medium UAS | Military Battlefield Drone | AeroVironment, Inc.
AeroVironment's JUMP 20 is runway independent and the first fixed wing UAS with vertical takeoff and landing (VTOL) capability. Ideal for multi-mission operations, with 14 hours of endurance and an operational range of 185 km (115 mi). Featuring flexible payload options and industry leading imaging sensors.
Eurosatory 2024
Legends never Die
Colt's Manufacturing Company LLC
Colt's Manufacturing Company - firearms, handguns, pistols, rifles, revolvers.
Eurosatory 2024
Shield AI
Securing borders, hunting drugs, finding threats. Shield AI’s V-BAT is the future of next-generation UAS. The most tactical, most logistically simple UAS in the world. There’s nothing else like it.

V-BAT Crushes The Competition

01 Results
In head-to-head customer fly-offs, V-BAT wins. The U.S. and allied militaries are choosing V-BAT because it delivers, period.

02 Performance
Ducted-fan technology enables industry leading max-takeoff weight to payload weight ratio. We didn’t just break the record, we redefined what’s possible.

03 Safety
No exposed rotors, no required operator safety zones. So safe you can get hands on during takeoff and landing.

Maritime UAS of Choice

V-BAT beat out 13 competitors to win the Navy and SOCOM MTUAS Increment 2 Program of Record. Its unique design and controls allow it to take off & land in high winds, on crowded flight decks, aboard moving vessels with landing zones as small as 12’ x 12’.
Eurosatory 2024
i3system, inc.
Super MARKOS is a new generation T2SL HOT MWIR detector in HD quality. This T2SLHOT detector satisfies requirement of tactical such as long-range surveillance and electro-optical targeting system. The Operating temperature (>130K) will reduce the maintenance cost.
Eurosatory 2024
Land Defense Solutions
Rolls-Royce Solutions GmbH
Whether for defense and protection, combat, or support, military vehicles fulfill many mission-critical functions and tasks. Our engines and propulsion systems are designed for peak performance. Our portfolio of engine and propulsion system solutions spans the complete spectrum of military vehicles.

With over 60 years of experience in designing and developing propulsion systems for almost all types of military vehicles, our systems are trusted and proven – all over the world.
Eurosatory 2024
In 2018, Airbus Helicopters Training Services partnered with NOVAE to develop its aircraft maintenance training offer. With this collaboration, the training spectrum proposed by Airbus Helicopters Training Services has widened and now meets highly specific needs in the Defense sector.
Eurosatory 2024
Gentex Corporation
Designed as a versatile platform, the HGU-55/P helmet is available in two configurations to suit a full range of High-G mission needs. The lightweight standard version is constructed of a Graphite/Aramid shell which reduces head-borne weight while maintaining strength. For high-performance maneuvers up to +9 Gs and to help prevent G-induced loss of consciousness (GLOC), the Gentex Lightweight HGU-55/P COMBAT EDGE is the standard for all U.S. Air Force F-15 and F-16 aircrew. This technologically advanced system provides pilots with a decisive edge in combat by reducing fatigue, so they may perform more high-G missions per day without compromising performance.
Eurosatory 2024
Weapons Systems
Textron Systems
The few and proud defend so many. Smart, precise and compliant sensors and systems protect them.
Eurosatory 2024
Sharing newsworthy experience | Leonardo DRS
Sharing Newsworthy Experiences Here you will find the latest in Leonardo DRS news, brought to you by the top defense publications in the country. If you are interested in learning about updates regarding our innovative technologies, product announcements, or plans for the future of Warfighter protection, read on.
Eurosatory 2024
FalCom Headsets
FalCom headsets feature industry-leading noise reduction and allows the warfighter to maintain optimal situational awareness and threat detection. The headsets are engineered with medical grade transducers that enable clean crisp voice communication and sound quality in noisy operational environments. The exceptional sound quality enhances mental comfort to limit the cognitive load and allows the warfighter stay focused for their full mission.
Eurosatory 2024
Eurosatory 2024
Dillon Aero Weapon System
Dillon Aero
Eurosatory 2024
Embedded Module
Persistent Systems, LLC
Integrate the Embedded Module into your products to unite UAVs, UGVs, and sensors on a single network. Because the Embedded Module features an HD video encoder and Android™ computer onboard, eliminate redundant equipment from your platform.
Eurosatory 2024
2021 Life Sciences brochure
Georgia Department of Economic Development
Eurosatory 2024
Life Sciences | Medical Devices
Georgia Department of Economic Development
The concentrated medical device industry in Georgia includes a wealth of resources to design, prototype, manufacture, and test new products. Georgia’s exports of medical devices, medical equipment, and pharmaceuticals totaled more than $1.9 billion in 2019.
Eurosatory 2024
Smith & Wesson Brands Inc.
It's here: INTRODUCING the SMITH & WESSON M&P®10MM M2.0™ PISTOL SERIES: powerful, accurate, efficient.These full-size pistols feature optics cut slides, a ne...
Eurosatory 2024
Search, Measurement & Analysis Instrumentation
Mirion Technologies
Mirion Technologies provides products, services, and software that allow our customers to safely leverage the power of ionizing radiation for the greater good of humanity through critical applications in the medical, nuclear, defense markets, as well as laboratories, scientific research, analysis and exploration.
Eurosatory 2024
Video Plate Hunter 900
Leonardo's ELSAG Video Plate Hunter 900 offers versatility in physical security and parking management and integrates with select IP security cameras.
Eurosatory 2024
PIVOT Introduction 2016
Better for pilots - The EFB solution designed with pilots in mind. PIVOT is a unique and amazingly simple way for devices to interact with the aircraft. PIVOT’s patented tablet case and universal mounting system, designed specifically for use by pilots in the cockpit, combines a high-performance streamlined case and mount in models available for all popular EFB devices. Pairing a state-of-the-art PanaVise suction cup and the PIVOT Parts Kit, this system is simple, effective, durable, affordable and scalable
Eurosatory 2024
Introducing L3Harris | Fast. Forward.
L3Harris Technologies
L3Harris combines speed, innovation and flawless execution to deliver the best solutions as quickly as possible.
Eurosatory 2024
Surveillance & command systems - CS GROUP
CS Group
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Hair Care
OMM Collection
EO/IR System TBX-40
High-performance video tracking camera UVA, a high-performance long-distance tracking camera optimized for aircraft such as helicopters. 2-axis, 3-axis, 4-axis and various sensors can be installed. Depending on your needs, you can choose from various options such as LRF, SWIR, and Pointer.
Join us for Modern Day Marine 2022 in Washington, DC!
Marine Military Expos
Modern Day Marine is the premier military equipment, systems, services, and technology exposition. View the latest Marine relevant products and solutions, as...
C-130J Super Hercules
Lockheed Martin Middle East
480+ delivered. 22 operators in 26 nations. 2 million flight hours ... and counting. 17 different mission capabilities. 11 production variants. Many accomplishments, many capabilities ... only one C-130J Super Hercules. From the highest landing strip in the world to austere runways almost destroyed by natural disasters, the C-130J goes where other airlifters can't, won't or don't go.
Lallemand Health Solutions
Lallemand Health Solutions is dedicated to the selection, development, production and marketing of probiotic formulations for Human Nutrition business worldwide. Lallemand Health Solutions is offering a full line of ready-to-market formula and custom formulations based on the documented Rosell, Lafti® and Harmonium® strains.
SmartTab: The Future of Digital Medicine
SmartTab has developed a personalized wireless drug delivery platform comprised of an ingestible capsule with a microprocessor, proprietary smart polymer act...
OEM Spare Parts Manufacturing - Pearlson Shiplift Corporation
Pearlson Shiplift Corporation
OEM Spare Parts Manufacturing Pearlson Shiplift Corporation (PSC) is pleased to be the largest provider in the World for OEM Shiplift Spare Parts. As the owner of all Alten / Westerman / Worthington Shiplift Hoist and Marine Gearbox Proprietary design drawings, PSC has cemented its role as the exclusive source for more than 90% of the operating shiplift machinery presently operating in the World today.
Safety Concept - Commitment to safety - Diamond Aircraft Industries
Diamond Aircraft
When it comes to safety, positive results are what really matter most. Diamond has earned a safety record, backed by real world data, that is second to none. Our primary design goal is to build aircraft that are a pleasure to fly, yet forgiving and safe, while offering maximum protection in case of an accident.
The Experts on Component Repair Overhaul, Precision Manufacturing and Customized Repair Solutions
Aereos Defense LLC
Aereos Defense provides worldwide support for military aircraft and engines including repair and overhaul of key aerospace components.

We are focused on overhaul of key aerospace components, fast turnaround times, and world-class customer support.

"If we maintain our faith in God, love of freedom, and superior global air power, the future [of the US] looks good."
— General Curtis Lemay

Supporting our military is not only a patriotic duty, it is an honor. Aereos Defense is one in a family of five award-winning divisions managed by Aereos. Renowned for its quality, workmanship, fast turnaround times and reliability, Aereos Defense is dedicated to providing its military customers the highest level of service.

Aereos Defense specializes in providing world class solutions in the areas of repair and overhaul of key aerospace components, DER repairs for high-value expendable components and reverse engineering, manufacturing of galley and interior products, and the manufacturing of critical components for our military customers.

With more than 100 years of combined industry experience, the Aereos divisions remain committed to learning and continuously seeking opportunities to master new and better methods — not only in repair and service technology, but also to advance turn times, ensure accuracy, improve customer service and add value.

At Aereos, we are driven to achieve and motivated by adventure. Yet we never take for granted the thrill of our first flight, the trust of our customers and the genuine values upon which this company was founded.

We are dynamic self-starters who proactively seek solutions to customers’ problems with a sense of urgency and energy. We act with integrity and dependability, always striving to meet our commitments to our customers and one another.

Our five divisions provide world-class quality and set the standard for customer service, efficiency and reliability.
Engineering | Capabilities
Spirit AeroSystems
​One of the ways Spirit AeroSystems is unique among tier-one suppliers is its breadth and depth of manufacturing work, providing complete program support for all customers.
NVG Pilot & Crew Training
Aviation Specialties Unlimited (ASU)
Night Vision Pilot Initial Training can be scheduled at your location or in Boise, Idaho. This initial training is for those that have not had either exposure to NVG’s or the regulatory endorsement to operate with the appliance in their current organization. Course focuses on obtaining visual references, scanning, proper search light use and both basic and advanced maneuvers on/off airport. We will ensure the student is comfortable in every available environment we can access during the training periods including mountains, jungle, confined spaces, over water, and snow/sand/dust landing considerations and techniques. ASU also offers Recurrent, NVG CFI Courses and custom tailored training for a variety of mission needs.
Global Line Maintenance Support
STS Aviation Group
STS Aviation Services operates 42 line maintenance stations throughout the United States, Bahamas, United Kingdom and France. At each of these stations, our team(s) offer a full range of support services, FAA / DER engineering assistance, AOG response teams and enhanced reliability through rapid response times. Skilled mechanics stand ready to handle RON maintenance, turnaround checks, non-routine discrepancy reports and ground equipment maintenance via scheduled or on-call action.
Bondtech Corporation
Bondtech provides environmentally sound solutions for treatment/disposal of Regulated Medical Waste. The BTT high-vacuum autoclave systems are processing more Regulated Medical Waste than any other technology worldwide with a proven track record of +30 yrs. Bondtech has designed, supplied and installed +1,000 autoclave systems worldwide for various applications. Today, BTT systems worldwide are processing +3 Million Kg/day (+1 Million Tons/year) of Regulated Medical Waste. Bondtech is a world leader in design, engineering and manufacturing of state-of-the-art BTT autoclave systems that have a proven environmentally sound track record.
Rock River Arms
Rock River Arms, Inc. offers a complete line of American made, custom built AR15 style rifles.
SCC International Brochure 2021
SCC International Marketing
CytoCore Ultrasound Video: Thyroid
Praxis Medical Devices
Real time and slow motion view of the CytoCore biopsing a thyroid under ultrasound guidance
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Ultrasound - Hosmed Inc is dedicated to "Enhancing lives"
Hosmed Inc.
Chartering of the 90th Satellite to the Guiana Space Center
Bolloré Logistics
High-tech transportation requires unique expertise. In 5 years, Bolloré Logistics has transported 89 satellites to the main launch pads in the world. Here is...
Nysafe-AV 700 & 900
Nycote Laboratories Corporation
Nysafe® is an effective anti-viral permanent surface coating that disrupts SARS-CoV-2 cells (The Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome Corona Virus 2). Nysafe-AV® 700 is our newest glossy formulation based off Nycote 7-11. Nycote 7-11 is a highly crosslinked multipolymer nylon epoxy coating. Trusted since the 1960’s by all major OEM’s to provide an excellent permanent barrier from harsh environments. The Nycote formulation is chosen over other coating technologies because of its unique ability to cure pinhole-free and self-level. The process allows for complete encapsulation of the part and will protect for years due to the strength of the epoxy and flexibility of the nylon polymer. Nysafe® by Nycote Laboarotories Corporation is an advanced material high-performance permanent surface coating that provides high-touch surface protection. Nysafe uses a safe, effective additive and is proven to have antimicrobial and biocidal activities against various human pathogens while being safe for human touch. It has been widely applied in the process of catalysis, drug control delivery, biosensors, and biofuels. The additive is widely chosen as a catalytic material because it has many advantages, namely thermally stable, chemically inert, and harmless. The micropore category is incapable of providing an entryway for applications involving large molecules. Nysafe-AV 700 also provides excellent high impact, abrasion resistance, flexibility and toughness at temperatures of -70°F to +300°F (-57°C to +149°C). Nysafe-AV 700 has a six-month shelf life and the container can be resealed throughout. Nysafe-AV 700 meets the standards for outgassing per ECSS-Q-ST-70-02 Nysafe-AV 700 meets ISO 22196 International Organization for Standardization Method 22196 – The measurement of antibacterial activity on plastics and other non-porous surfaces.
Purchase Equipment
Relink Medical
From your initial search to the final delivery, you can be confident that reLink Medical is on your side. We have a team of HTM professionals on staff who professionally assesses all equipment and scrub all patient data while ensuring clean title and transfer.
Aerospace & Aviation | Made in Alabama: Alabama Department of Commerce
Alabama Department of Commerce
Alabama's presence in the aerospace and aviation industry is broad and vast, with activities in virtually every segment of the sector. Aerospace manufacturing alone accounts for around 13,200 jobs in the state, while Alabama also ranks among the Top 5 states for aerospace engineers, with a count approaching 4,100 in the profession.
Commercial Aviation | BETA Fueling Systems Trucks
BETA Fueling Systems
The BETA 10K Refueler Truck has a 800 GPM pump that is built on a rigid or a 5th wheel type chassis. Our trucks come with our Central Command Module, which allows you simplify the fueling process.
Ground launched APKWS sales sheet web
BAE Systems
Platform Controls & Aircraft Components
Essex Industries
Platform Controls & Aircraft Components Essex Industries began providing quality engineered products to the aerospace and defense industry in 1947 and it continues as a leading supplier today. Essex Platform Controls are custom engineered to meet applications for military fixed and rotary-wing aircraft, domestic and international airlines and military ground vehicles.
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